Charles VI

Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI of Austria


The War of Austrian Succession began when Charles VI of the Holy Roman Empire and of Austria died in 1740, and was declared and moderately secured by he that his daughter, Maria Theresa, was to inherit the Austrian Throne. However, not everyone was willing to see a woman inherit Austria's power, nor recognize that she could even manage it. Ultimately, the tension would explode into another global war.

The CombatEdit

It was December of 1740, and Frederick the Great of Prussia had been growing in his ambitions. As a young prince, he had been abused by his father, Frederick Wilhelm I, who had been under great influence from Austria. When Frederick came to the throne, he proved to be an enlightened and capable ruler, but had not fully unveiled his military aptitude. When Maria Theresa became Austria's Archduchess, she asked for the major nations and imperial princes to recognize the Pragmatic Sanction, which would guarantee her right to the Austrian imperium.  At first, Frederick made a compliant approach with Maria on the matter, but when his demands for Austrian territory in exchange were denied, he invaded and occupied Austrian Silesia in that same year. With this show of Austria's weakness, claims all over Europe sparked.

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