The Tang Dynasty is often considered the height of Chinese power. In 617 CE, Li Yuan overthrew the Sui dynasty and became Gaozu, the first Tang Dynasty emperor. Gaozu's successor, Taizong, set up state schools and colleges and reintroduced the Han system of examinations for those wanting to work in official positions. The army expanded to Central Asia, defeating the Turks and advancing as far west as the borders of Persia. Painting and literature jumped to new heights thanks to the remarkable Silk Road System, with the Chinese capital, Chang'an, an important trading stop. Although the Tang dynasty had been a remarkable period for the Chinese, the dynasty began to undergo rebellions in 755. The dynasty, unfortunately, didn't recover. The dynasty officially ended in 907 when the last Tang emperor, Ai, was overthrown. With their fall, China, once again, was sent into a period of disunity.

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