Children Slow Crossing Warning Blades are sideways trapezoids with rounded corners on the wide end and pointed corners on the narrow end that were originally introduced in 1975 exclusively for ice cream trucks and childcare buses. From 1975-1996 they formerly worded "IF-SAFE STOP THEN-GO" and looking like yield signs as of 1996 due to confusion in traffic and that there are people who don't speak English in this world the blades have been permanently reworded to "CHILDREN SLOW CROSSING" and permanently recolored yellow and have been slowly phasing out the old red children slow crossing warning blades that worded "IF-SAFE STOP THEN GO"

1975-1996 Edit

Former Children Slow Crossing Warning blade from 1975-1996
The old red Children Slow crossing warning blades that say IF-SAFE STOP THEN-GO MUST BE BANNED
Me explaining about the former red children slow crossing warning blade

Those slow warning blades formerly said "IF-SAFE STOP THEN-GO". No longer offical as used of 1996 due to traffic confusion but still existed on few ice cream trucks or Childcare buses in few parts of New Jersey and New York and Maryland until 2018

1996-present Edit

Electric operated slow arm
BMR children slow crossing warning blade
Ice Cream Truck Safety swing arms

In 1996 due to traffic confusion, the slow warning blades have been permanently recolored yellow and permanently reworded as "CHILDREN SLOW CROSSING". As of When the original Manufacturer of these Children Slow Crossing Warning Blades which was Specialty Manufacturing Company (SMC) introduced the new Defender Series Electric Stop Arms in 2017 and not have enough room for the Children Slow Crossing Warning blades on the new Defender series electric bases so the SMC gave their supplies of making the Children Slow Crossing warning blades to Canada's Stop arm manufacturing company called BMR so Now these Children Slow Crossing Warning Blades are now on BMR stop arm bases not Specialty Stop arm Bases anymore.

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