Image showing major religions in the world.

Religion is the philosophical/ideological and study of deities (Gods and Goddesses), beliefs, concepts/idea's and their theoretical and practical understanding and implementation on Earth. Usually they have a religious codex (such as in Christianity, the bible), set of divine laws (again, in Christianity, the ten commandments) and a number of human sacred figures and Holy spiritual idols.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Spiritualism[edit | edit source]

Materialism[edit | edit source]

List of Religions[edit | edit source]

Abrahamic faiths[edit | edit source]




Mythologies[edit | edit source]

Proto Indo Europian Mythology

Mesopotamian Mythology

Egyptian Mythology

Persian Mythology

Canaanite Mythology

Hittite Mythology

Hurian Mythology

Ridvedic Mythology

Chinese mythology.

New Religious movements[edit | edit source]

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