Prince Nicholas I of Esterházy (German: Fürst Nikolaus I Esterházy von Galántha; Hungarian: Ispán Miklós I Eszterházy de Galántha) (1714 - 1790) was the Imperial Prince of Esterházy von Galántha (1762 - 1790). He succeeded his brother Paul II Anthony in 1762, and was succeeded by his son Anthony in 1790. Prince Nicholas is known as "the Magnificent".

Prinec Nicholas I was a younger son of Prince Joseph Simon Anthony. In his youth he was a decorated soldier. But Prince Nicholas is known more for his patronage of the arts and his extravagance, including his diamond-studded jacket. He could play the cello, the viola da gamba, and the baryton; hired Joseph Haydn as the conductor of his orchestra for over thirty years; and rebuilt the family palace of Esterháza in such magnificence that it became known as the Hungarian Versailles. In 1790, Prince Nicholas' wife died, and in the few months he outlived her he was disconsolate and recluse.

Preceded by:

Nicholas I the Magnificent

Succeeded by:

Paul II Anthony Esterházy von Galántha
1762 - 1790