Louis V the Peaceful (German: Ludwig V.) (2 July 1478 - 16 March 1544) was the Elector Palatine from 1508 until 1544.


Louis was born in Heidelberg in 1478 as the eldest son of Philip, Elector Palatine. In 1508 he succeeded his father as Elector, and immediately had to repair the damage and fallout from the Landshut War of Succession. In 1518 at the Imperial Diet in Augsburg he managed to get the Palatinate removed from the Imperial Ban. At the election of 1519 Louis voted for Charles V and was rewarded with a large sum of money. At the outbreak of the Peasants' War in 1525 Louis attempted to negotiate with the discontented farmers, but after the negotiations broke down he was active in several battles against them.


Louis married Sibille of Bavaria (1489 - 1519) in 1511. The marriage was childless.

Preceded by:

Louis V

Succeeded by:

Philip Elector Palatine
1508 - 1544
Frederick II
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