Louis IV the Meek (German: Ludwig IV.) (1 January 1424 - 13 August 1449) was the Elector Palatine from 1436 until 1449.


Louis was born in Heidelberg in 1424 as a son of Louis III, Elector Palatine. After his father's death in 1436, Louis succeeded him as Elector under the guardianship of his uncle Otto I of Palatinate-Mosbach, which continued until 1442. In 1444 he led the defence of the Holy Roman Empire against the attacks of the Armagnacs.

Louis died in Worms in 1449 and was buried in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Heidelberg. He was succeeded by his brother Frederick I.


With Margaret of Savoy (1420 - 1479)Edit

  • Philip (14 July 1448 - 28 February 1508)

Preceded by:

Louis IV

Succeeded by:

Louis III Elector Palatine
1438 - 1449
Frederick I
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