Korea was a former country split into two separate states, North Korea and South Korea. Korea is bordered by China in the northwest while bordered by Russia in the northeast. They are separated by Japan through the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan. The former country and the two current states are located on the Korean peninsula.

Etymology Edit

Korea has a former spelling which is Corea which was a name in English known in 1614.

History Edit

Prehistory and Gojoseon Edit

The Academy of Korea claimed ancient hominid fossils which originated from around 100,000 BC in lava at a stone city preserved in Korea. There was Fluorescent and such things of high-magnetic analyses which indicate the volcanic fossils could have been as early as 300,000 BC. The best preserved Korean pottery would be going back to the paleolithic times which was around 10,000 BC and the Neolithic period began at 6000 BC.

There were early historical records of Korea first seen in the book of later Han which in the biography of Dongyi (means Barbarians in the east) and the ancestors of Korean people are "three han", three MaHan, JinHan, ByeonHan and the three Han later became known as Baekje, Silla, and Gaya which in orderly are named.

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