Jane Butler Washington (December 24, 1699 – September 24, 1728) is the first wife of Augustine Washington, and the stepmother of George Washington, the first president of the United States. But, it was from Augustine's second marriage to Mary Ball in which George Washington was born. Jane is the mother of Lawrence Washington Jr., George Washington's half brother. Lawrence built Mt. Vernon, the home and final resting place of George and Martha Washington. Jane Butler is buried with her husband Augustine Washington in the same common grave. The inscription of Augustine's and Jane's grave includes a memorial inscription to Augustine's second wife, Mary Ball, the mother of George Washington. Mary is not buried here. She is buried in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

About Jane WashingtonEdit

Mentioned in the wills of her parents, Caleb and Mary Butler. Buried in the Washington Cemetery.


1. Place of burial verifiable based on the original stone marker found at Bridges Creek grave site, and the "Original Indentures, Bonds, Agreements, etc. [tel:[tel:1653-1760 1653-1760] [tel:1653-1760 1653-1760]].

2. Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, non-profit organization founded in 1853 by Ann Pamela Cunningham.

Augustine WashingtonEdit

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When Augustine came of age (and into his inheritance) in 1715, he married Jane Butler, an orphan, who had inherited about 640 acres (2.6 km²) from her father. The young couple settled on the Bridges Creek property. Augustine and Jane had four children, only two of whom (Lawrence and Augustine, Jr.) lived to adulthood. After Jane's early death in 1729, Augustine married 23-year-old Mary Ball of Lancaster County in 1731.

Children (by Jane Butler)

Butler - ([tel:[tel:1716-1716 1716-1716] [tel:1716-1716 1716-1716]])

Lawrence - ([tel:[tel:1718-1752 1718-1752] [tel:1718-1752 1718-1752]])

Augustine, Jr. - ([tel:[tel:1720-1762 1720-1762] [tel:1720-1762 1720-1762]])

Jane - ([tel:[tel:1722-1735 1722-1735] [tel:1722-1735 1722-1735]])

Augustine and Jane married on April 20, 1715. Jane brought 1,300 acres of land to their marriage, which she inherited from her father. At this time in his life, Augustine was richer than his father had been. Augustine's home was called Lisson Estate, which was located across Bridges Creek his grandfather's home. Bridges Creek is where Augustine's father was buried. Jane had four children, but only Lawrence and Augustine survived into adulthood:

The Lineage of George WashingtonEdit

Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

Butler Washington died as an infant.

Lawrence Washington was born in 1718, and inherited Little Hunting Creek before 1740. Little Hunting Creek was renamed Mt. Vernon after Lawrence's British Commander, Admiral Edward Bernon.

Augustine, Jr. was born in 1720, and he inherited the Pope's Creek plantation, a year before his father's death. This house was purchased for 180 English pounds from his father's sister, Mildred and her husband.

Their mother died on November 24, 1729, and is buried in the Bridges Creek family vault. Augustine officially moved to Popes Creek in 1726 with his wife Jane and his two surviving sons. Augustine was a successful tobacco farmer.

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