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Israel also known as the State of Israel is a Jewish entity that became political in the 1880s, many Jews began emigrating to Ottoman-controlled Palestine, hoping to someday form a Jewish country there. When the British at last overpowered the Ottomans in the Arab Revolt of 1916 during World War I, they took Jerusalem and vowed to form a Jewish homeland for the Jewish victims of World War I in this area. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Britain was granted official control of Palestine by the League of Nations after World War I ended. Britain's vow, however, remained uncertain. The Arab and Jewish population had begun fighting violently about the issue of this Jewish homeland and greatly conflicted with Britain's plans for Palestine. The Palestinian Arabs posed a great threat to any Jew interested in taking refuge in Palestine. However, U.S president Henry S. Truman offered to not only transport the Jews but to protect them, all the way to Palestine. The World War II Jewish survivors finally arrived in 1946 but British troops were taking in heavy attacks from the Arabs and were prepared to leave by February 1947. The United Nations then formed the Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) in order to finally settle the issue of the Jewish-Arab conflict. UNSCOP divided the territory into some 44 percent Arab territory and 56 percent Jewish territory. And so that neither controlled the "holy city" of Jerusalem, which was a major dispute between the Jews and Arabs, the fabled city was to remain under the control of the United Nations and neither one side could take refuge in there. The British then delayed their departure to May 15, 1948 but as soon as they left, fighting erupted once again. Jewish and Arab residents still remained in one another's territory by the time the British left and they, using violence, attempted to force each other out. However, it was ultimately the Jews that prevailed and even took control of Jerusalem and more territory than the United Nations had actually permitted them to control; the State of Israel had been formed. But Israel's encroachment on Arab lands had angered these countries to fight more wars against Israel in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which to this day, remains a major world issue.

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