Frederick I the Victorious (German: Friedrich I. der Siegreiche) (1 August 1425 - 12 December 1476) was the Elector Palatine from 1449 until 1476


Frederick was born in Heidelberg as a son of Louis III, Elector Palatine. After his brother Louis IV, Elector Palatine died in 1449, his son Philip was to succeed him under Frederick's regency. Frederick, however, managed to illegally usurp the position and with an alliance with Duke Louis IX of Bavaria-Landshut was able to hold the title against the efforts of the Emperor Frederick III. He suppressed a riot in Amberg against his usurpation in 1454.

During the Mainzer Feud between candidates for the seat of the Archbishopric of Mainz, Frederick managed to enlarge the territories of the Palatinate. He managed to defeat both Margrave Albert III of Brandenburg and Theodoric of Isenburg-Büdingen. In 1462 the Baden-Palatinate War was sparked when Margrave Christopher I of Baden-Baden attempted to increase the influence of his brother Bishop George of Metz. The war was ended at the Battle of Seckenheim later that year when Frederick managed to capture Christopher, George and Count Ulrich V of Württemberg. He later ransomed them for considerable funds and territory.

In 1463 he helped his brother Rupert become the Archbishop of Cologne. In 1474 he was placed under the Imperial Ban by the emperor without effect. He died in 1476 and was succeeded by his nephew Philip - his son banned from succeeding him as his father's marriage was morganatic.

Children with Klara DettEdit

Preceded by:

Louis IV

Succeeded by:

Louis IV Elector Palatine
1449 - 1476
purchased from Further Austria Count of Löwenstein
1441 - 1476
Louis I
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