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British troops who fought during the Falklands War.

Argentine British/United Kingdom major limited, undeclared war that was instigated by then in-power Military officials of Argentina that organised the confrontation. Part of the ongoing conflict that had long been arguing about the United Kingdom 's claim of the Falkland Islands, a chain of small islands a bit offshore of Argentina. Argentina's government began officially talking about the issue in early 1982. Eventually, the government launched an invasion on the Falkland Islands on April 2nd, 1982, overwhelming the small British defense that was guarding the stretch of islands. However, Argentina greatly underestimated the British persistent of recovering the islands, believing that Britain would see no real lose in lossing the islands. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher then sent a large force which landed on the Falklands on May 21st. The British troops fought their way east, towards the Falkland capital, Port Stanley. On June 14th, Britain finally recaptured the capital and, all of the islands and took 11,000 argentines prisoner, ending the Falklands War.

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