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Communism is a social-economic system in which means of production are commonly owned (either by the people directly, through the commune or by communist society), and production is undertaken for use, rather than for profit.[1][2] Communist society is thus stateless, classless, moneyless, and democratic.


Communism is based in political ideology and social/civil philosophy that advocates abolitionism of government, overseeing authority and its agency in the pursuit of a single class, usually the majority or proletariat. Above others such as World Revolution, Workplace democracy, Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Means of Production.


This was an idea of which the producers/laborers of a capital owner have the right to form labor unions and strike/speak out when the owner is not fairly distributing what the capital has produced.

Karl MarxEdit

Khan Academy's Explanation of Communism

Khan Academy's Explanation of Communism

Karl Marx, German philosopher, sought out an idea of a classless and stateless society

Joseph StalinEdit

Vladimir LeninEdit

Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the U.S.S.R, sought out his own idea of one dominant party, government, controlling the capital and income rather than it being in the hands of private owners who deny it from its producers, the laborers.

Leon TrotskyEdit

Mao ZedongEdit


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