Cleopatra VIII (ruled 48 - 31 BCE) was born in the Ptolemaic court at Alexandria. She was the oldest of 3 siblings and would grow up quite fast.

Cleopatra's Joint Rule With Her BrotherEdit

In 49 BC, Cleopatra's brother Ptolemy XI (ruled 49 BC) took the throne. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be a "joint rule", it was Cleopatra who ruled the kingdom in all but name. Her brother Ptolemy and sister Arsinoe grew tired of Cleopatra and exiled her to Arabia. However, Cleopatra gained the support of Aretas IV king of the Nabateans. With a small army she returned to Egypt intending to reconquer it. At this point, the Romans who had been eyeing the political situation in Egypt for some time, chose to intervene. Julius Caesar (ruled 53 - 44 BC) came personally to Alexandria. He organized a diplomatic meeting between Ptolemy and Cleopatra. Nothing happened and the civil war was ended through the Romans. Cleopatra using all her charm and intelligence, seduced Julius Caesar into giving her the throne. He refused stating that the joint rule would continue. A few days after this, Ptolemy was murdered and so Cleopatra was made ruler of Egypt.

Cleopatra & Marc AntonyEdit

By this time, Julius Caesar was madly in love with Cleopatra and he brought her to Rome. She was happy there, until 44 BC, when Caesar was murdered she returned to Egypt. Following the murder of Caesar, the empire was divided between Octavian (Caesar's adopted son) and Marc Antony (Caesar's close friend). Antony took the East (Greece, Asia Minor, Palestine) and he fell in love with Cleopatra. The two set up their capital in Alexandria.

In 33 BC, Octavian declared war on Antony and his fleet defeated the Egyptian fleet at Actium in Greece. In 31 BC Octavian's forces then defeated Antony's and conquered Greece, Asia Minor, Palestine and now advanced on Egypt. When Antony was killed in battle, Cleopatra prepared for death. She locked herself in her palace and when Octavian entered the city, she killed herself by getting bitten by a poisonous snake.

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