Cheddi Berret Jagan (1918 – 1997) was a political leader of Guyana, who was Chief Minister (1961-1964) and President (1992-1997). An historical leftist figure, Jagan would nonetheless end up adopting capitalist policies for his Presidency of the 1990s.

Early lifeEdit

Cheddi Jagan had been born from an Indian family of plantation workers. Disregarding Jagan eventually attended Georgetown's Queen's College, and then in the United States, the Dental School of the Howard University of Washington, D.C., and the Northwestern University of Chicago.

Ever embracing Marxist-Leninist ideals, Jagan returned to Guyana about 1940, then getting married in 1943 to Janet Rosenberg, who had belonged to a communist organization; Cheddi Jagan thus begot two children, Nadira and Cheddi Jr.

Early political careerEdit

In November 1947, Cheddi Jagan was elected into the Guyanese Legislative Council as an independent of the Central Demerara party; then, in 1950 Jagan founded the People's Progressive Party, PPP, leading it, together with his own wife and Forbes Burnham.

Cheddi Jagan indeed became Guyanese Chief Minister in 1953, winning the corresponding free elections, but just 133 days later he was ousted by a Kingdom British military putsch, which was strongly supported by the CIA; Jagan had been accused, about plotting with the Soviet Union. Whereas the constitution was temporarily suspended, from 1954 to 1957 Jagan forcibly stayed confined round Georgetown.

Nonetheless, in 1961 the PPP won the elections and so Cheddi Jagan became Chief Minister again, this time for three years.

Subsequently, Cheddi Jagan was opposition of the ensuing administrations, a conjunction of two political parties which was led by Jagan's old fellow Burnham; Jagan opposed some allegedly racist and authoritarian policies of those governments.

Eventually, the PPP attained a 54-percent victory in 1992, and so Cheddi Jagan assumed as Guyanese President. By then, Cheddi Jagan was definitively committed for capitalist policies, yet his administration still attended social issues, in behalf of the local education and labor unions, and yet also important public works were done.


Cheddi Jagan suffered a heart attack on February 15, 1997, as he still was accomplishing his duties of president. He was attended at a local hospital; then he was flown on that same day to the Walter Reed Army Hospital, of Washington, D.C.. Despite undergoing surgical interventions, Cheddi Jaggan passed away on March 6.


Cheddi Jagan was recognized as an author of books and public speeches.

  • Forbidden Freedom: The Story of British Guiana
  • The West On Trial: My Fight for Guyana's Freedom
  • The Caribbean Revolution
  • The USA in South America

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