220px-Coinage with Byzas 2nd 3rd century CE

Byzas was the founder of the greek colony of Byzantium. The historical authenticity of Byzas is low, and he likely was only a mythical figure.

Founder of ByzantiumEdit

Byzantion was an ancient Greek colony, on the ruins of which the city of Constantinople was built. The founder of Byzantion, Byzas, was son of king Nisos of Megara. During the 7th century BCE, the Greek city-states were expanding, establishing new colonies. Part of this endeavor, the Dorian city-state of Megara, located near Athens, was also searching for sites to set up yet another colony. After asking the oracle of Delphi, the Megarean king Nisos sent his son Byzas in search of "the land opposite the city of the blind". When Byzas arrived at the point where the sea of Marmaras meets the sea of Bosporos, on the border of Europe and Asia, he realized the meaning of the oracle. On the Asiatic shore opposite to where he was, a colony named Chalcedon had already been established. Byzas decided that the city of Chalcedon was the prophesied 'city of the blind' as they had not taken advantage of the European shore. To build his own city, in 667 BC, Byzas chose wisely. He selected the European shore of the south end of Bosporos and gave the new city his name, Byzantion.

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