The American Civil War was a conflict that occurred from April 12, 1861 until May 9, 1865 in the United States between the Confederate States of America and the American Union over a controversy of state rights. The war first started when Fort Sumter was attacked in South Carolina by the Confederates.

Battles First battle of Mannas.(1861) Second battle of Mannas.(1862) Battle of Antiem(1862) Battle of Gettysburg(1863)Battle of Chanslorville(1863) Battle of Shiloh(1864) battle of the Wilderness(1864) battle of Spotsovania Court House(1864)Battle of Appitomax(1865)[edit | edit source]

Commanders/Leaders(USA) president Abraham Lincoln, General George Meade, and General Ulysses S. Grant. (CSA) president Jefferson Davis, General Thomas(Stonewall)Jackson,and General Robert E. Lee.[edit | edit source]

Countries/States involved Confederate States of America.(CSA) vs United States of America.(USA)[edit | edit source]

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