Tornado path.

The 1764 Woldegk tornado was a powerful natural disaster event that took place in Woldegk, Germany on June 29, 1764.

Description[edit | edit source]

Between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., the tornado caused unbelievable damage on a 30-kilometer track. It is one of two previously known F5 tornadoes and the strongest known tornado in Germany. In a field, the stumps of trees that had previously been felled were torn from the earth and transported. The train ran from the starting point approx. 2 km south of Feldberg, then very close to the west past Feldberg, over the Haussee, then east past Schlicht, further over Lichtenberg, close east past Neugarten, east past Hinrichshagen, then to Canzow to Helpt (north of Woldegk). There are indications that the tornado continued to Rattey (7-8 km north of Helpt). (Source: GB Genzmer, description of the tornado that took place on June 29th.

Tornado illustration.

And a few years ago, on the occasion of a glassworks built there, was made arable through the extermination and devastation of the forest, far several of the same, and even thicker torn oak stumps now and then, partly lying, partly standing on the roots, which looked like pulled molars, - Si fas est, magna componere paruis. - lying around on the table of a barkeeper in disorder. One of them, which is four feet in diameter, has been treated in the same way a little further south, and has been placed upright again on the roots; in spite of the fact that six men would certainly not have lifted him out of the earth if they had also dug it up around beforehand. Whoever thinks that such cut stumps protrude no more than a foot out of the earth; how deep the oaks with their roots tend to be in the earth; how firmly they must consequently stand, and how little the wind could have taken on such short round trunks: he will have to regard and accept this circumstance, along with the two following ones, as the strongest samples of the quite extraordinary force of this wind vortex.

Indeed, before this tornado, the field stones in their long-time-barred deposit could not keep undisturbed peace, and they may make the resolution of this letter. For it is the Lichtenberg field, but witho no doubt the richest region in the whole world; hence the gust of wind on his stroke, some of which he has lifted out of their beds, from a cubic foot of physical content and over, and sometimes rolled several kilometers away. Indeed, he has made himself a large, broad, and half a man high out of the earth like a cippo protruding stone, in the field by Helpte, grasped it on its broad side, and in his bed a little pushed away and bent northwards,

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